Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gone for Good Freestyle (aka "The $50 Experiment Part Deux)

You gotta love freestyle competitions in just about any sport. The competition always seems a little more intense and the athletes just a little more passionate about the win. When you take away just a little of the structure and let a person lean on their personal strengths and passions, something cool happens, the game goes to the next level and creativity abounds. That's part of the reason we did the $50 experiment this past summer and why we brought it back this month. It lets the individual members of our community lean on their passions and work with God in a unique way. I've already heard a few of the stories from last weeks Gone for Good, but I can't wait to hear them all. Get your posts up soon. Tell us what you did, what you loved most, how you saw God move and anything else you think might be important. We'd love to hear as many stories as possible so go ahead and post even if someone from your group already did. Just post your story by clicking the comment button below.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gone 4 Good! Sunday June 22

This Sunday is the "Fifty Dollar Outreach Experiment," during which you will have the opportunity to take fifty dollars into the community and find some way to put that money to work for God. Keeping in line with Kaleo Fellowship's tradition of going into the community instead of keeping to ourselves, we want this to truly be God's hands working through us to serve Bakersfield and show people that God loves them. The church is not a club, shutting its doors and enjoying exclusive membership rights. The church is the body of Christ, and our buildings are simpy meeting places where we can gather before going out into the world as God told us to do.

Take a moment to share your $50 story and how you came up with your idea. Share how the experience made you feel, how it made someone in the community feel, and what you will do now to keep that feeling going.

Click on "comments" and add your story. If today inspired any ideas of future service projects, PLEASE share those ideas as well. God may be using YOU to come up with something big!